Members' Profiles

Marblehead Professionals was initially founded as a group on LinkedIn.com late in the summer of 2008, by Marblehead resident Matt Drayer. The intent of the group was to give local professionals that might not meet in-person a chance to connect online. The objective was to create a venue for people that lived or had an office in Marblehead, and were not involved with retail, to get to know one another socially.

In September of 2008, Mr. Drayer was joined by local management consultant Wayne Arvidson and they decided to drive an informal, in-person venue that not only focused on networking, but also included a forum for exchanging leads and ultimately enabled people to share their expertise and experience with one another.

The group held its first “social networking” event on October 22nd of 2008. At that time, there were 11 online members, and 16 people attended the event. As of March 2010, the group has 463 members and networking events take place every 4 to 6 weeks.